O u r K n o w - H o w

We work on wine appellations that make up the identity of our terroir and our region: AOP Terrasses-du-Larzac, AOP Languedoc, IGP Vicomté d´Aumelas,
IGP St Guilhem-le -Désert and IGP Pays d´Oc.

The cultivated grape varieties are Syrah, Grenache, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Blanc and Chardonnay. They are selected directly on the plots.

We use both stainless steel and concrete tanks, with a capacity of 130,000 hl.

From our varietal wines, including some more atypical, you will necessarily find the one that will delight your taste buds !